Powerful and low emission

5 hp power with a displacement of 70 cc produce a fine spray up to 12 m throwing distance (horizontal) due to the optimally tuned blower. This makes the PORT 423 particularly suitable for applying sprays on plantations, in forests or for disinfecting buildings and facilities.


  • Higher life expectancy of the units due to the Nikasil® coating of the cylinder
  • More torque and enlarged cylinder displacements
  • Power increase enables higher operating speeds and improved blower performance
  • Speed increase due to improved air performance – higher air discharge speed at the spray nozzle and longer range
  • Improved fuel utilisation and less pollutant emission in the exhaust gas due to the latest findings in the fuel scavenging technology of the cylinder

360° product view


360 degree representation in progress

Technical data

Port 423
MotorOne-zylinder engine/ 2-strokes
Performance3,0 KW / 4,1 HP
Fuel tank capacity in l1,4 l
Solution tank12,0 l
Cylinder capacity70cc
Bore / Stroke47/40 mm
CarburettorFloat carburettor
Air volume (standard dosage nozzle)aprox. 680 m³/h
Air verlocity100 m = 330 ft./sec.
H x W x L in cm68 x 45 x 34 cm
Weight, net in kg11,5 kg