PORT 423 evolution

PORT 423 evolution MAX

IGEBA PORT 423 evolution/Max:
Advanced technology for Pro Backpack Sprayer

Developed with extensive experience and expertise in spraying technology, proudly crafted in Germany. The IGEBA PORT 423 Evolution is characterized by its user-friendly, ergonomic design and attention to detail, setting a new standard for sprayers

Engineered with contemporary, low-emission engine technology, the IGEBA PORT 423 Evolution exemplifies reliability and durability. Refining handling methods and greater convenience, this knapsack sprayer delivers remarkable spraying performance for professional users.

Featuring a strong air stream and innovative nozzle, the mist-blower IGEBA PORT 423 Evolution excels in plant protection, pest control and vector control management, ensuring more effective treatments.

This new model has earned acclaim for its unparalleled comfort and advanced features, particularly in modern crop protection arena.

Product highlights

  • Ergonomic design and refined handling, greater convenience and safety.
  • Improved spraying performance and innovative nozzle
  • Low emission engine technology
  • Effective anti-vibration system
  • New large volume liquid tank (14 l or 18l) with UV protection and 150 mm filler inlet

360° product view


360° product view


Technical data

Port 423
Engine SOLO 2 stroke
Displacement72, 3 ccm
Power3, 0 kW (4, 1 HP)
Fuel tank capacity in l12,0
Tank capacity in lPORT423evolution: 14
PORT 423evolutionMax: 18
Maximum fan air volume:1400 m³/h
Horizontal reach in m12
Dry weight11, 9 (A42318) / 12, 0 (A42319)
CarburatorFloat type