For particularly efficient nebulisation

To improve the aerosol mist of motorised backpack sprayers, IGEBA developed the ULV rotary nozzle. This delivers a fine aerosol mist that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of expensive chemical formulations. The ULV rotation nozzle is available as an attachment for motorised backpack sprayers (e.g. IGEBA, Maruyama, SOLO, Taral etc.) with an air volume of min. 600 m3/h suitable.

The ULV rotation nozzle contains a spray cone with propeller, which is set into a rotating motion by a strong air flow (blue arrows). The air flow is created by the fan of the backpack sprayer. The rotation speed of the propeller or spray cone exceeds 20,000 revolutions per minute if the air volume of the backpack sprayer is large enough.

Technical data

IGEBA ULV-Rotationsdüse
Droplet sizeVMD < 30um
Output (ca.)2 - 6 l/h
Rotation speed> 20.000 rpm
Spray lance diameter59 or 62 mm