Brand New 2024

Compact power machine

The Unipro 10 is a new development in close collaboration with professional users from greenhouse plant cultivation and horticulture. This ULV device is based on proven IGEBA technologies and components of the Unipro family.

It is equipped with 2 spray heads and has a maximum delivery rate of 30l/h. In the basic configuration, the Unipro 10 has a 45l stainless steel tank designed to ensure no residue is left in the tank, allowing complete emptying. Additionally, it is possible to nebulize from an external container using a suction hose.

A 6.5l tank for the automatic cleaning of the active ingredient line, for example, after nebulizing effective microorganisms (EM), is also included in the basic equipment. Using a dosing pump, you can program and control the delivery rate for each application.

Using the proven IGEBA nozzle geometry, the Unipro 10 generates ultra-fine droplets with a VMD (Volume Median Diameter) of 25 µm at approximately 0.24 bar operating pressure.

Through the controlled airflow, the Unipro 10 achieves the maximum distribution of the mist with your active ingredient.

The 2 spray heads can be extended with a telescopic mechanism to a height of 2 meters above the ground, ensuring optimal results for taller plants or specific application requirements.

Depending on conditions, buildings, and the application, it is possible to nebulize up to 2,500 square meters with one device. Due to the excellent droplet characteristics, the mist can disperse up to 5 meters in height in suitable applications.

The open design, characteristic of IGEBA mist generators, makes cleaning, maintenance, and care quick and easy. The compact design keeps the device agile and easily transportable to its
deployment location.

With its innovative features, the Unipro 10 facilitates the required application for the user, enabling increases in productivity that are economically and qualitatively rewarding.


Product Highlights UNIPRO 10

  • Full automatability
  • Time savings
  • Cost reduction
  • High user protection
  • Uniform distribution of the active ingredient
  • Suitable for effective microorganisms

Application Areas UNIPRO 10

  • Plant strengthening, horticulture, and greenhouse
  • Disinfection, e.g., storage, pest control, live stock, greenhouse, food, and beverage industry
  • Hygiene in public and commercial areas
  • Pest control
  • Odor neutralization

Programmability of all relevant functions.

The touchscreen display of the control panel allows you to make various settings. You can adjust the substance quantity, flow, and pre-mixer lead time, as well as control the flushing of the active substance line. Additionally, comprehensive time functions such as delayed start and a weekly timer are integrated. You also have the option to save programs and easily access them at any time.

The ergonomically arranged display is easy to operate via the touchscreen. The control panel also allows for the creation of programs based on dosing instructions or other specifications, making them easily accessible and usable – both for you and your staff.

Technical data

Electric Motor::
Motor power [kW]4,5
Power supply3-Phase 360 - 500 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
Current consumption [A]7 at 400 V
Fuse protection (slow-blow)  [A]16
BlowerSide channel compressor with frequency converter
Working pressure [bar] approx.0,24
Application rate [l/h], continously adjustableProgrammable
≤ 20 = ULV application
> 20 = LV application
Droplet spectrum VMD [µm] determined for water at 20 l/h application rate< 25
Solution systemVia hose pump from 45-liter active ingredient tank (stainless steel) with mixer or through suction hose (3 m) with suction filter from customer container.
Solution tank45-liter stainless steel active ingredient tank mounted on the device. Additionally, an external container is possible via a suction hose.
AgitatorStart, stop, duration programmable with date. Automatic change of direction every 20 seconds.
Time controlFully Automatic
Solution lineTeflon, Viton, stainless steel, polypropylene (PP), PVC
Number of aerosol heads,
360° adjustable
2, extendable to a height of 2 meters
Horizontal reach of the fog [m]up to 80 m
ControlManual and automatic operation
Control via 7“ touch display
Includes weekly timer and delayed start
Programmable mixer
Rinse function
FrameStainless steel (rustproof)
WheelsPneumatic Tires
Dimensions L x W x H [cm]121 x 51 x 140
Empty Weight [kg]131