40 years of international expertise in thermal fog and ULV cold fog processes

For four decades, IGEBA has been committed to protecting our habitat from pests – from vector control to plant protection and disinfection and beyond. Meeting the individual requirements of our customers in the long term is our goal. Our goal is to fulfil the individual requirements of our customers in a sustainable manner.

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Testimonial-Peter Ruigrok

Testimonial-Peter Ruigrok

Benefits of the Unipro40T Labour saving , better working conditions , more frequent applications , more efficient use of staffing, fast return on...

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IGBEBA trade fair dates 2024

IPM ESSEN – Green, Big, Ingenious!

23.01. – 26.01.2024

Trade fair IPM ESSEN – the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture – the meeting place for the green sector.



PestEx – The pest management Show in London

13.03. – 14.03.2024

PestEx is the trade show and exhibition for anyone involved in the pest control industry.



Get ready for GreenTech Americas

12.03. – 14.03.2024

Together, we accelerate the adoption of technology for protected agriculture in the Americas!



IGBEBA trade fair dates 2023


17. – 19. January 2023

Fachmesse für spezielle Kulturpflanzen



GreenTech Americas 2023

21. bis 23. March 2023

Join thousands of horticulture experts



Volmary Kaldenhof® Days 2023

08. bis 10. August 2023

Find out all about our new products and let the Volmary plant professionals advise you on our innovative concept ideas.




17. bis 20. October 2023

Hawaii Convention Center| Honolulu, HI

Booth 943




25 – 26 October 2023

Our partners Edialux and IGEBA Gerätebau GmbH will be at this year’s Parasitec in Paris.



Asia Pacific Conference on Mosquito and Vector Control (AMV)-2023

27-30 November 2023,

IGEBA brings best and innovative German thermal fogging and ULV technology for efficient, effective, and environment-friendly space treatment.

Visit us in booth no. 12 for an exiting experience.

Venue: The Empress Chiang Mai Hotel, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand


Areas of application for our thermal foggers and ULV cold foggers

Pest Control

Effective pest control starts with IGEBA foggers. The efficient fogging achieves fast and visible success against flying and crawling insects. IGEBA foggers are the safe and sustainable problem solution in a wide range of applications.


Wherever people or animals come together in a confined space, but also in food production, germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are equally present. Disinfection with IGEBA thermal fog generators and ULV aerosol generators is a core element of a successful hygiene program.

Plant Protection

Contemporary plant protection requires a simple and effective technique for optimal pest control. By fogging highly concentrated pesticides in greenhouses, you not only save time and application volume (total volume), but also achieve a fast result.


The automated application capability of IGEBA ULV aerosol generators ensures easy and safe handling during the sprout inhibition process. The units are designed to function reliably and minimize the risk of accidents while ensuring the safety of people and property.

Stock protection

Stock protection already starts with the storage. IGEBA foggers are exactly tailored to the requirements for insect control and disinfection of storage rooms. Food and beverages as well as raw materials, are subject to strict quality controls. The efficient application of insecticides, fungicides and/or disinfectants offers you all-round protection of your stored goods.

Odour control

Odor control is an effective solution to improve the quality of work and life in many areas. Based on a chemical reaction, odors are neutralized and thus the entire environment is gradually freed from the odor nuisance.