The ULV or cold fog method - smallest droplets, greatest effect

The main fields of application are: Pest control, vector control, disinfection, as well as stock and plant protection. The objective of the ULV (= Ultra Low Volume) cold fogging method is to keep the application rate as low as possible in order to save costs and working time. In mosquito control in the field, for example, only 0.5 – 1.5 l/ha are applied.

The process briefly explained

In IGEBA ULV aerosol generators, the liquid concentrate in the spray head is broken down into the finest droplets, so-called aerosols, by a strongly pre-compressed air flow. Millions of the aerosol droplets are distributed in the room and ensure the rapid absorption of the active ingredient by the pest or pathogens.

Compared to conventional spraying, this enables a much more even distribution and penetration of the biocide or insecticide in difficult accessible areas, even into the smallest cracks. The application time and the application quantity are reduced, and at the same time the effectiveness is increased enormously.


In comparison to ordinary sprayers with an average droplet size of approx. 600 micrometres, IGEBA ULV aerosol generators provide smallest droplet sizes. < 20 microns (VMD)


Advantages at a glance

  • Optimal droplet size < 20 microns (VMD)
    confirmed by laser measurement
  • very high area coverage
  • little to no carrier necessary
  • excellent distribution in the room
  • high penetration depths
  • low maintenance costs
  • available with electric or combustion engine
  • Spray heads 360° adjustable
  • Agitator for agent tank available (important with WP or BTI)
  • optimal time control for electric units
  • Stand-alone solutions e.g. for greenhouses and storage warehouses
  • Units with remote control for mounting on pick-up