ACT – Advanced Carburetor Technology – the new carburetor from IGEBA!

Manufactured with precision parts:

  • The innovative design of the carburetor improves fuel efficiency and optimizes performance.

  • The excellent ignition and starting characteristics of these carburetors help reduce emissions.

  • IGEBA ACT carburetors offer faster and easier access for cleaning and maintenance.

Effective protection through innovative technology: Thermal fogger EVO 35 with new ACT carburetor for pesticides and disinfectants.

The EVO-35 ACT is the first thermal fogger to be upgraded with the new Advanced Carburetor Technology, making it even more effective against pests and germs.

The EVO 35 ACT is a universal thermal fogger designed for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors*.

It has been developed to atomize all common pesticides and disinfectants. Even water-based active ingredient mixtures can be optimally applied with this device.

*only where permitted, please observe the environmental regulations on site

Produkt Highlights EVO 35 ACT

  • Active substance tank made of HD-PE
  • Application of water- or oil-based active substances
  • Very fine and narrow drop spectrum
  • For pest control and disinfection
  • Fuel tank, fog tube and air pump made of stainless steel
  • Maintenance-friendly carburetor made of anodized aluminum

360° product view

Technical data

Dimesions in cm (LxWxH)136 x 27 x 34
Weight, empty in kg7,9
Solution tank capacity in l6,5
Fuel tank capacity in l1,2
Performance combustion chamber in KW/HP18,7 / 25,4
Fuel consumption l/h approx.2
Average flow rate in l/h (oil based)20
Max. flow rate in l/h (oil based)42
Flow rate with water in l/h10
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms using water and carrier in m40
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms using water in m8
Energy supply4 x 1,5 V batteries LR20, optional LR6
Pressure in solution tank in bar approx.0,25