UNIPRO 5 standard version


Design as Unipro5, but with agitator in a 20 ltr. Tank and electric clock for preselection of stirring and fogging time (parallel)

Movable with variable tank size.

The IGEBA UNIPRO 5 is universally applicable. Especially the acid-proof design and the resulting higher resistance and longevity of the unit is a main concern of our designers.
As a basic requirement for function and operational safety, careful attention was paid to the selection of materials and components, because especially when aggressive substances, e.g. acids, are nebulised, the material properties and resistance are of utmost importance.


  • 230 V – asynchronous motor this enables uncomplicated and flexible operation
  • Motor and fan are closed and maintenance-free – thus the unit can also be used unattended
  • Also available in the special Fv1 version – Frame construction completely made of stainless steel


360° product view


Technical data

L x W x H in cm59 x 57 x 116
Weight (empty kg.)47
MotorAsynchronous motor
Performance (KW)1,5
Power supply230 V AC / 50 Hz
optional 230 V AC / 60 Hz
optional 110 - 120 V AC / 60 Hz
Current consumption [A]9,25 at 230 V
19 at 110 V
Air compressor
Discharge rate (m3/min.)1
Air filterNon-woven filter
Drivebelt drive
Pressure (bar)0,22
Air velocity at the nozzle (m/s)200
Solution system
Nominal volume [l]of the HD-PE solution tank20
optional 45
Solution lineTeflon
Number of aerosol nozzles1
Aerosol nozzle360° adjustable
Dosage nozzlesØ 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm included in scope of delivery

optional Ø 0.6 mm
Application rates in [l/h] (water) for the different dosage nozzles, approx.Ø 0.6 mm ≙ 6.3 l/h
Ø 0.8 mm ≙ 10 l/h
Ø 1.0 mm ≙ 15 l/h
Ø 1.2 mm ≙ 20 l/h
VMD [µm],  for water at 10 l/h< 25
VMD [µm],  for oil at 10 l/h< 15
Horizontal range of the fog under optimal conditions [m] (with water and fog additive)30
optional semi-automatic
optional timer clock
Transport device
Framegalvanized steel frame
optional stainless steel
Tires2 pneumatic tires