Optimum hygiene for a sensitive environment

Wherever people or animals come together in a confined space, but also in food production, germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are equally present. Disinfection with IGEBA thermal fog generators and ULV aerosol generators is a core element of a successful hygiene program.

Briefly explained

Disinfection with IGEBA thermal mist generators and ULV aerosol generators is a core element of successful hygiene management. Due to the highly concentrated fogging of disinfectants, surfaces are wetted as well as areas that are difficult to access are reached.

The disinfection mist remains in the room for a long time, which also enables effective room air disinfection. Due to the low water input per volume, the surfaces are only wetted without the liquid dripping off. The highly concentrated disinfectant can act optimally and for longer.

Intensive lifestock

In the livestock, mainly bacteria, fungi, and permanent parasitic are the trigger for diseases. Under unfavourable keeping conditions and insufficient hygiene, even harmless germs can multiply strongly and lead to the outbreak of diseases.

To ensure productivity, it is therefore essential to prevent the number of germs from rising by means of systematic livestock house hygiene. The precondition for this is a specially coordinated hygiene management which, in addition to thorough cleaning and careful barn disinfection, aims to keep the germ pressure as low as possible for as long as possible.


Human area

Whether in public transport, restaurants, large kitchens, hospitals, etc. – wherever there are large gatherings of people or critical hygiene conditions, a wide variety of germs come together.

They can be transmitted via various routes (droplet infection/smear infection). This does not pose a particular risk to healthy people. However, if the organism is already weakened by other influences or if risk groups are involved, even an infection that is harmless itself can be dangerous. Serious infectious diseases can spread at breakneck speed. Epidemics or pandemics are the result.

While germs that spread through contact with infected persons or contaminated surfaces (smear infection) can usually be controlled by thorough disinfection of hands and surfaces, more extensive treatment is required for pathogens that are transmitted through the air (droplet infection) or in particularly sensitive rooms, such as surgical theatres. Especially where conventional wipe disinfection is not sufficient, effective hygiene management that includes room and surface disinfection is all the more important, also to prevent the formation of resistant germs.


Food production

In the food manufacturing and processing industry, butchers, bakeries, food wholesalers and retailers, as well as in the hotel and catering industry, the demands on product quality, shelf life and microbiological safety are particularly high. Professional hygiene management with careful and professional cleaning and disinfection are absolute preconditions.

Whether a portable or stationary fogger – thanks to their technical nature, IGEBA cold foggers and thermal foggers are the ideal solution for disinfection or pest control. The even distribution of the disinfectant, the constant working speed and the constant application rate enable an efficient droplet distribution in the space. Thus, not only all surfaces and tools are disinfected, but also the air.

By using specially developed disinfectants for the food industry, even cold rooms can be treated quickly and safely. The focus is on ensuring that the agents used are neither harmful to health nor impair the quality of the food. In general, the application and concentration instructions of the agent manufacturers must be observed.