Maximum power, maximum solution tank for fogging large areas.

The TF 160/150 HD is the largest unit of the IGEBA thermal fog series. As a “variant” of the TF 160 HD, this unit has a 150l agent tank and thus offers about 2.5 times more capacity than its little brother. With the special attachment, water-based solutions can be applied excellently. The unit was developed for high fogging performance and large areas and volumes. Typically, the high-performance unit is used in mobile applications. A remote control system enables the operator to check the system from the driver’s cab.


360° product view


Technical data

Dimensions in cm (LxBxH)263 x 70 x 91
Weight, empty in kg, approx.120
Solution tank capacity in l150
Fuel tank capacity in l10 / 20
Performance combustion chamber in KW/HP82,5 / 112
Fuel comsumption l/h approx.9
Average flow rate in l/h (oil based)120
Max. flow rate in l/h (oil based)160
Flow rate with water in l/h80
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water and carrier in m120
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water in m80
Energy supply12V DC car battery
Pressure in solution tank in bar approx.0,3