Maintaining quality in storage

Food, beverages and raw materials are subject to strict quality controls. Stock protection often begins before storage.

Briefly explained

Whether the Thermal or ULV method – IGEBA foggers are precisely tailored to the requirements for pest control and disinfection of storage rooms. The efficient application of insecticides, fungicides and/or disinfectants offers you all-round protection for your stored goods.

If stored food is infested with parasites, or if fragments or excretions of pests can be detected, entire batches must be destroyed or otherwise disposed of at great financial loss.

If the infestation remains undetected, refusal of acceptance, exclusion from sale, recourse claims, loss of customers and damage to the company’s image can be the result.

Prevent damage on an early stage

The fogging method is particularly suitable for the prevention of pest infestations. It ensures a comprehensive, fast and even distribution of the active substance into the space. Especially the electrically operated IGEBA ULV cold foggers offer a high level of operating comfort and extensive user protection, e.g. through the use of timers.