Maintaining quality in storage

Food, beverages and raw materials are subject to strict quality controls. Stock protection often begins before storage.

Briefly explained

Whether it’s thermal or ULV methods, IGEBA fogging equipment are tailored to the requirements of pest control and disinfection in storage spaces. The efficient application of insecticides, fungicides, and/or disinfectants provides an all-around treatment of your storage areas and helps protect your stored goods.

If stored food is infested with pests or if fragments or excretions can be detected, entire batches must be destroyed or otherwise utilized at high financial losses.

If infestation goes unnoticed, it can lead to refusal of acceptance, exclusion from sale, liability claims, loss of customers, and damage to reputation.

Preventing Damage Early

The fogging method is particularly suitable for preventing pest infestations. It ensures comprehensive, fast, and even distribution of the active substance in the space. Especially electrically operated IGEBA ULV aerosol generators offer high user comfort and extensive user protection, including the use of timers.

Application Examples:

  • Warehouses and Silos: ULV aerosol generators are often used in warehouses and silos to combat pests like beetles, moths, mites, and other insects. They help protect inventory from infestation and damage.
  • Food Processing Plants: In food processing plants, especially in areas like grain mills, bakeries, rice processing, meat and food factories, ULV aerosol generators are used to protect the storage and processing of food from pests.
  • Agricultural Facilities: When storing agricultural products such as potatoes, fruits, or vegetables, ULV aerosol generators can be used for pest control and disinfection to ensure the shelf life and quality of the products.
  • Transportation and Packaging: ULV aerosol generators can also be used in treating packaging materials and during food transportation to prevent pest transmission and maintain product quality during transport.

Biological or Chemical Treatment?

Biopesticides, including effective microorganisms, are playing an increasingly important role in pest control. These natural substances offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides. When applying biopesticides, ULV aerosol generators are preferably used, allowing for precise distribution of biopesticides in the form of fine mist. This enables effective pest control in warehouses, silos, and other storage spaces. The combination of biopesticides and ULV aerosol generators thus provides an efficient method for environmentally friendly pest control in storage.

It’s important to note that the use of pest control products in storage is subject to applicable laws and regulations and must be carefully applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions.