Car disinfection and odour control

The fogging system for the treatment of vehicle interiors.

Easy handling and short application time with small application rate.

The CF-1 CAR uses the air pressure of an available compressor and a special nozzle technology. This produces a dry and ultra-fine mist, for a quick and comprehensive treatment of all vehicle compartments.

For disinfection, disinsection and odour control.

Our solution for these industries

Car repair shops

Taxi companies

Ambulance and nursing services

Car rentals

Transport company

Public transport

Technical data

CF-1 Car
Air volume:80 l/min (compressor necessary)
Pressure:6 bar (max.)
Operating pressure:2 bar
Application rate:0.1 - 5 l/h
Active substance container:250 ml
Nozzle and frame:Stainless steel

Droplet size D (v,0.5) with water at 1.4 l/h application rate and 80 l/min air flow rate

  • 6,84 μm at 4 bar (58 PSI)
  • 8,73 μm at 3 bar (43 PSI)
  • 11,56 μm at 2 bar (29 PSI)

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