Protect plants safely

Contemporary plant protection requires a simple and effective technique for optimal pest control.

Briefly explained

By fogging highly concentrated plant protection products in greenhouses, you not only save time and application quantity (total volume), but also achieve a quick result.

Both the thermal and cold fogging methods are considered particularly economical and effective.


Compared to conventional spraying, efficient fogging offers further advantages:

  • even distribution of the active solution with low time input
  • constant working speed
  • constant application rate

When fogging, the plant is not treated directly, but the entire greenhouse is fogged. This ensures a comprehensive and even distribution of the mist in the room and delivers an effective wetting of the plant stand.

The fog droplets remain suspended in the space for a long time without draining off, thus ensuring effective absorbtion of the active ingredient by the pest or harmful organism, e.g. through direct contact or respiration. This method is also effective for the use of systemic pesticides. Biological products with insecticidal effect and fungicides can be applied without any problems.