UNIPRO² – 6.5 litre version

UNIPRO² – 20 litre version

Little volume, great effect – effective compact equipment.

The UNIPRO² continues the clear concept of the UNIPRO 5 and offers additional advantages as well as more application possibilities. It combines technical innovations, such as a quick coupling system for air and active substance, tool-free operation and maintenance, as well as a high safety standard with a compact stainless steel housing.
The basic model is equipped with interfaces for easy addition of useful accessories, such as time control, spray head extension or larger active ingredient tank.


  • The unit is compact and fits easily into any car boot 450x420x290mm
  • Equipped with a 6 l tank in the standard version (20 l optionally available)
  • Powerful despite low current consumption (6A)


360° product view


Technical data

L x W x H [cm]43 x 43 x 27,6
Empty weight [kg]16.6
Performance [kW]1.1
Power supply230 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
optional 110 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
Current consumption [A]6 at 230 V
16 at 110 V
Air compressorDirect drive
Discharge rate blower, approx. [m³/min]1.33
Air filterNon-woven filter
Pressure [bar]0.18 - 0.2
Solution system
Nominal volume [l] of the HD-PE solution tank6
optional 20
Solution lineacid resistant
Aerosol nozzle360° adjustable
Number of aerosol nozzles1
Dosage nozzlesØ 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 mm included in scope of delivery

optional Ø 1.0 mm
Application rates [l/h] (water) for the different dosage nozzles, approx.Ø 0.4 mm ≙ 3.8 l/h
Ø 0.6 mm ≙ 6.3 l/h
Ø 0.8 mm ≙ 10 l/h
Ø 1.0 mm ≙ 14.4 l/h
Droplet spectrum
VMD [µm],  for water at 10 l/h< 25
VMD [µm],  for oil at 10 l/h< 15
Horizontal range of the fog under optimal conditions [m] (with water and fog additive)30
optional timer (retrofittable)
CasingStainless steel
Frame for 20l TankStainless steel