U 15 HD-M

Variable and remote controlled

The U 15 HD-M was developed according to the WHO guidelines for pest control (WHO/VBC/89.972). In a stable frame, mounted on 4 rubber buffers, it is particularly suitable for mounting on a vehicle. 2 adjustable aerosol nozzles, which can be switched on and off individually, allow the fog direction to be varied.

  • Specially designed for mobile use on vehicles
  • Remote control for operating the unit from the driver’s cab
  • Aerosol nozzles 360 ° adjustable
  • Equipped with 60 L active ingredient tank made of stainless steel
  • Excellent droplet pattern with a VMD < 15 microns (10l per nozzle / water)


360° product view


Technical data

U 15 M
L x W x H [cm]87 x 79 x 91
Empty weight [kg]161
EngineBriggs & Stratton
Engine (4 cycles) [PS/kW]13 / 9.6
Fuel tank capacity [l]6.6
Fuel consumption [l/h], aprox.2.5
BlowerSide channel blower
DriveBelt drive
Discharge rate [m³/min]3
Operating pressure [bar]0.3
Air filter (blower)Paper filter
Solution system
Nominal volume [l] of the stainless steel solution tank60
Number of aerosol nozzles2
Adjustability of the aerosol nozzles360°
Dosage nozzles2x Ø 0.8 mm and 2x 1,0 mm
included in scope of delivery

Application rates in [l/h] (water) for the different dosage nozzles, approx.2x Ø 0.8 mm ≙ 20 l/h
2x Ø 1.0 mm ≙ 30 l/h
VMD [µm],  for water at 10 l/h per aerosol nozzle< 15
FunctionsStandard remote control (5 m cable),
with the functions motor ON/OFF (electric start) and fogging ON/OFF.
For units with optional flushing tank, additional function "Flushing" of the solution line.
Flushing system, 2.5 l for solution line
Hose extension (5 / 10 m) with aerosol nozzle