UNIPRO40-T is the powerful all-rounder among the cold foggers and convinces in each of its versatile fields of application.

Advantages at a glance

  • Extendable telescopic mast up to 4.3m
  • Now use of the airspace above the plants possible
  • Even distribution of the PSM
  • Suitable for effective microorganisms
  • ULV and LV Modus
  • Application directly from own active ingredient container
  • Very high area output *
  • High penetration depth up to approx. 120 m*.
  • Ideal for insecticides, fungicides, microorganisms
  • Ideally suited for disinfection
  • High user protection
  • Automation capability
  • Compact design, easy handling and cleaning
  • Optional equipment available

With its infinitely adjustable telescopic mast, the spray heads of the Unipro 40-T can be extended to a height of up to 4.30 m. Tall plants, such as in vegetable cultivation, can be treated effortlessly in this way. The entire free air space above the crops is used and the fog can spread even better and unhindered. The compact design of the Unipro 40-T makes it easy to handle and transport even through a standard door frame.

Telescopic mast

Continuously extendable in the range of
1.79 m to 4.30 m above ground

Effective with sophisticated control

In contrast to conventional spraying, the Unipro 40-T can significantly reduce the amount of water required by spraying highly concentrated crop protection products. This also avoids high drain-off losses.

The IGEBA Unipro 40-T can start up fully automatically thanks to its flexible control system, which means that the fogging process can also be carried out conveniently at night. You save yourself time and money. The the operator has no longer to expose himself to risky active substances during the application process.


Automatic operation via optional accessories (timer, remote control) or external potential-free contact

Time control app for your smartphone

Easy time programming via your smartphone. The app connects via Bluetooth
with the unit and is included in the scope of delivery of the optionally available timer.
(iOS and Android)

The Unipro 40-T can take the active ingredient mixture directly from an external container via its suction hose. Thanks to the integrated peristaltic pump with pulsation damper, the mixture is continuously aspirated. The application rate can be infinitely adjusted, with 42 l/h achieving an ideal ULV droplet spectrum of< 20 micrometres. With its maximum flow rate of 73 l/h, the Unipro 40-T is also ideally suited for fungicides and systemically acting agents, thanks to LV droplet spectrum. Effective microorganisms can also be applied without any problems.

Spray system

4 spray heads, 360° adjustable
Output infinitely variable, recommended 42 l/h for ULV application LV (max. 73 l/h)


Stainless steel
Frame with removable drawbar
Towing eyes on both sides for vehicles or optional trolleys

Hand crank for telescopic mast

Continuously extendable in the range of
1.79 m to 4.30 m above ground

Hose magazine

for stowing the air hose


Illuminated control panel
with coloured status display

  • Green: Ready for operation
  • Yellow: Automatic mode
  • Blue: Fogging

360° product view


Technical data

Electric motor
Motor power [kW]8,3
Power supply3-phase 360 - 500 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
Current consumption [A]12 at 400 V
Fuse protection (slow-blow) [A]16
BlowerSide channel blower with frequency converter
Working pressure [bar] approx.0,28
Application rate [l/h], continously adjustable 1 - 73
< 40 = ULV application
> 40 = LV application
Droplet spectrum VMD [µm] determined for water at 40 l/h application rate< 20
Solution systemPeristaltic pump with suction hose (3 m) and suction filter
Direct feeding from customer's container - no decanting.
Solution lineTeflon, Viton, stainless steel, PVC
Number of aerosol heads, 360° adjustable4
Horizontal reach of the fog [m]up to 80 m
Control systemManual or automatic
Automatic operation with optional timer or via built-in standard interface and customer's potential-free contact
FrameStainless steel, with removable drawbar and towing hitch for vehicles or the optional trolley with solution tank
WheelsPneumatic tyres
optional hard floor castors
Dimensions L x W x H [cm]145 x 76 x 185 with pneumatic tyres
145 x 76 x 179 with hard floor castors
Empty weight [kg]170
Solution tank100 litre HD-PE solution tank mounted on
separate transport trolley
Agitator Agitator for 100 liter solution tank
with programmable timer for mixing and
and fogging time.
TimerTimer for automatic operation